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    Join us Saturday July 22 for a fun morning of running, walking or just to come see us.  Our second Annual Run/Walk Fur Luv.  Details and registration can be found here

    York Adopt-A-Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in York Nebraska.  We serve as the primary care givers to the abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats for our area.


    The goal of York Adopt-A-Pet is to provide a safe and secure sanctuary for abused, lost and abandoned dogs and cats.

    York Adopt-A-Pet operates with a small staff, dedicated volunteers and the love of furry friends we meet.

    York Adopt-A-Pet Mission Statement:

    • To provide a safe haven for the dogs and cats placed in our custody.

    • To find the best homes for the dogs and cats that are our guests.

    • To educate the public on the need to treat our pets with dignity and love.

    • To reduce the pet overpopulation.

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    A Paws for Pets


    If you have patience in life then you will become “old”. We have all been there, saying to ourselves “how can it be”? I am old today, and yesterday I was young. All the clichés in the world—including “you are only as old as you feel” make perfect sense, but let’s face it; you do not have a lifetime of years and decades stretching on the horizon. You want a more serene, quiet life. In years past you were heading out to paint the town when you are now anticipating going to bed. You envision your own space, quiet evenings, afternoon naps, and the love and respect reserved for those that are fortunate to live to be “old”. More...


    Dogs on the run. Where do they come from? Why isn’t anyone looking for them? It is so sad to see a dog running for its life, not knowing which direction to go and yet, too frightened to come to your outstretched arms which are offering safety. More...


    I normally write my articles on cats, but those who know me know that I also love dogs. I actually started volunteering at York Adopt a Pet working with the dogs. I helped Judi and Gail on occasion at the old dump site as well as the shelter located behind York Animal Clinic. I fostered dogs that needed a home environment and through the years have adopted the ones that were senior or had health issues. More...


    Miracles do happen. You do not run away from a rest area surrounded by corn fields and a busy interstate and end up in a residential neighborhood in east York without some divine intervention. But that is exactly what happened. More...


    It is the not knowing that makes losing a pet so gut wrenching. It can give you nightmares. It can happen so quickly, just as it did to the young woman who was moving from one state to another to join her boyfriend. She stopped at the eastbound rest area two miles west of York to take a break. She had her 31-pound dog, Spirit, on a leash, but the dog got spooked by the people they encountered and pulled out of her collar and took off running. More...


    The animals suffer. I have seen and heard too much in my years of cat and kitten rescue. I have received hundreds of desperation calls from all over the state of Nebraska. But one call stands out in my mind. It was from an older woman who needed to place some thirty cats she had been caring for. Before you pass judgment on this woman, keep in mind she is simply not a hoarder of cats. She sincerely wanted to help them and she wanted to place them free of charge to a responsible and loving home. More...


    In large animal shelters, where they are overflowing with dogs, most are euthanized for exhibiting aggressive behavior. They do not get a chance to make it right. We have the luxury at York Adopt a Pet to help dogs that are not ready for adoption because of issues they came in with. We also have wonderful volunteers who are willing to work with problem dogs and in turn, there are people who are willing to adopt them. More...


    Through the years we have received literally thousands of cats and kittens. Sadly, many are neglected or abandoned by their families. They are brought to us for various reasons but the one consistent fact is York Adopt a Pet is a refuge for them to be safe, and cared for. Many have health issues that need immediate attention. Our volunteers give them more than food water and medical care, they give them compassion and love. More...

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